Ray-Ban Signet Gold Plated Sunglasses

€449,00 EUR

Upgrade your sunglasses collection with the iconic Ray-Ban and B&L Signet sunglasses, an essential addition for every fan of vintage classics.

Crafted in 1953, these shades epitomize Ray-Ban's renowned and enduring style, featuring exquisite dark green G-15 lenses and a captivating gold-plated B&L frame. With their timeless appeal, these sunglasses will effortlessly become your preferred choice, exuding an ageless charm that transcends trends.

Indulge in this must-have piece, a testament to Ray-Ban's legacy and a perfect match for anyone seeking the allure of vintage classics.


Temple length: 140mm
Vertical height: 45mm
Horizontal width: 137mm 

Made in USA

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