Ray-Ban Pink Changeables Shooter sunglasses

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The legacy of Ray-Ban's iconic eyewear craftsmanship traces back to the late 1930s when Bausch & Lomb crafted the first Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses for the US military. For over six decades, Ray-Ban maintained a commitment to optical excellence and continual innovation, creating timeless styles that became cultural symbols. Vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses have a rich history, blending military heritage with style and innovation.

We are proud to introducing these vintage B&L Ray-Ban Bullet Hole Shooters with Pink Changeables lenses from the 80s, a rare and legendary design that represents over six decades of B&L Ray-Ban production. Originally crafted for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, these iconic gold bullet hole frames offer superior balance and fit, making them not only functional but also a fashion statement. The pink Changeables lenses feature a unique photochromatic technology that darkens in sunlight, transitioning to a rich pink tone, and returns to its original light pink state when indoors or in shade. This innovative feature, infused into the glass itself, ensures long-lasting durability and performance. With laser-etched BL markings near the hinges and the iconic B&L Ray-Ban USA inscription on the nose bridge, these sunglasses represent authenticity and craftsmanship. Complete with a double nose bridge, this pair is a true collector's item, representing the legacy of B&L Ray-Ban's optical innovation and style. Complete your eyewear collection with this rare and exceptional vintage treasure.


Temple length: 130mm
Vertical height: 54mm
Horizontal width: 138mm 

Size guide 

This frame fits a Medium size face (frame width 130-138mm)

Made in USA

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