Playboy 4517 ladies sunglasses

€399,00 EUR

Vintage Playboy sunglasses from the 70s and 80s marked a stylish era for the iconic brand. Playboy seamlessly combined fashion and lightweight comfort through a collaboration with Optyl-Carrera. These sunglasses, known for their exclusive charm, graced wearers with individuality. The frames were not ordinary mass-produced collection, they were crafted from Optyl - a cool resin-based material pioneered by Wilhelm Anger. Playboy's eyewear line from the 70s and 80s is a real treat for the eye and also very comfortable to wear due to their light weight.

This beauty of a frame was crafted in 1970s Germany, a bold statement piece for the lady with impeccable style. The large-sized frame was made from black Optyl - a lightweight and durable material developed in the 60s. Decorated with distinctive white stripes on the front this frame captures attention and showcases a unique design. The finishing touch comes from the light brown gradient lenses making it a true piece of art.




Temple length: 135mm
Vertical height: 63mm
Horizontal width: 142mm 

Size guide 

This frame fits a Large size face (frame width 138-144mm)

Made in Germany


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