Imago Pluto sunglasses

€329,00 EUR

Embrace the distinctive identity and personality of Imago Neptun vintage sunglasses. Imago, derived from the Latin word for shape, idea, imagination, and vision, perfectly encapsulates the essence of these eyewear designs. Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship in Germany, these sunglasses offer multifaceted designs that exude both style and quality.

This particular pair of Imago Neptun vintage sunglasses in brushed silver color boasts a timeless appeal. With dark sun lenses, they offer a touch of mystery and sophistication. Each aspect of these sunglasses reflects the dedication to authenticity, as they are an unworn single item from the late '90s, making them a true vintage rarity.

These Imago Neptun sunglasses are not retro reproductions, but genuine old originals, embodying the rich history and craftsmanship of the era. Moreover, the sun lenses, which provide 100% UV protection, can easily be replaced with prescription lenses to suit your individual needs.

Experience the allure of Imago Neptun vintage sunglasses and indulge in their unique charm. With their unworn condition and exceptional craftsmanship, these sunglasses are a testament to both style and quality. Embrace the true vintage rarity and elevate your eyewear collection with these remarkable Imago Neptun sunglasses.


Temple length: 145mm
Vertical height: 47mm
Horizontal width: 140mm 

Made in Germany


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