Dunhill 6049 glasses

€349,00 EUR

Dunhill is a distinguished British luxury brand renowned for its sophisticated menswear, accessories, and premium goods and it also has an illustrious history in the world of eyewear. Established in 1893 by Alfred Dunhill, the brand expanded its portfolio to include meticulously crafted eyewear that embodies timeless elegance and refinement. Dunhill's vintage eyewear line exemplifies the brand's commitment to superior craftsmanship, precision, and style. With a legacy spanning decades, Dunhill's vintage eyewear collection showcases designs that effortlessly blend classic sophistication with modern sensibilities. Each frame reflects the brand's iconic aesthetic, exuding an air of understated luxury and British elegance that remains coveted among discerning individuals seeking distinctive and timeless eyewear pieces.

We proudly present this masterpiece from the 1980s: a larger silver frame with exquisite gold accents crafted in Austria. This vintage Dunhill frame speaks of timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship, a testament to the brand's legacy in eyewear fashion.




Temple length: 140mm
Vertical height: 54mm
Horizontal width: 140mm 

Size guide 

This frame fits a Large size face (frame width 138-144mm)

Made in Austria

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