Serge Kirchhofer 211

€299,00 EUR

The luxurious Serge Kirchhofer brand was created by the ambitious Udo Proksch, who was the creative director of the company.

The personal life of this figure is more likely to be suitable for film makers with a criminal plot. Nevertheless we focus our attention on the creative side of Udo Priksch, for which Serge Kirchhofer became the brand name.

His collections were a mix of classics and surrealism and his perfection touched every detail from production and materials to packaging and photography. He has also worked for such companies as Carrera and Viennaline.

This model is unlike the shape of anything else that we have seen before! A very unusual design from the early 70's and a rare find for the most daring!

Tortoise / crystal

Temple length: 135mm
Vertical height: 54mm
Horizontal width: 140mm 

Made in West Germany

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