Persol Ratti 649 sunglasses

€599,00 EUR

Established in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti in Turin Italy, Persol envisioned eyewear that merged functionality with elegant design. The Ratti-era Persol frames symbolize timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship, derived from the Italian phrase "per il sole" (for the sun). Originally crafted for pilots and sports drivers, Persol gained renown for blending functionality with style. Known for innovation and quality, Persol patented features like the Meflecto system, ensuring comfort by relieving temple pressure. Each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship, defining Persol as a symbol of luxury eyewear for sophisticated, style-conscious individuals.

The Persol 649 model is a legendary piece in eyewear history, recognized for its timeless design and superior craftsmanship. Originally designed in 1957 by Persol's founder, Giuseppe Ratti, it quickly gained iconic status.


Known for its rounded shape and signature arrow hinges, this model stands out for its elegant, retro-inspired look. Crafted with high-quality brown acetate and precision detailing, the 649 represents luxury and durability.

These beauties come with the original brown mineral lenses that have the original Persol engravings and original stickers on them. They are also equipped with the patented Meflecto system, offering flexibility and comfort through the innovative design of the temples.

A truly iconic frame, the Persol 649 has been worn by numerous celebrities like Steve McQueen, Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling etc., solidifying its status as a classic as sought after piece in the world of eyewear.




Temple length: 130mm
Vertical height: 50mm
Horizontal width: 133mm 

Size guide 

This frame fits a Medium size face (frame width 130-137mm)

Made in Italy


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