l.a.Eyeworks SAM 357M451 eyeglasses

€299,00 EUR

l.a. Eyeworks is a visionary brand in the eyewear world, pioneering eclectic designs since 1979, based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Since its start in 1979, the brand has maintained its headquarters in the heart of Los Angeles, where it continues to innovate and create its distinctive eyewear designs. Most of the frames are made in Italy and Japan that are known for their eyewear craftsmanship. Their frames defy convention and celebrate individuality with bold colors, unique shapes, and avant-garde styles. Embracing creativity and self-expression, each piece showcases their rebellious spirit, blending artistry and functionality. From 80s extravagance to 90s minimalism, their collection preserves timeless designs that defined eras.

This 90s l.a. Eyeworks frame has an exquisite blend of light brown tortoise and gold, the temple tips match the frames tortoise colour. One can feel it's high quality and it is a fine example of l.a. Eyeworks signature style. This frame from the 90s not only looks but also feels like a timeless piece, defining the brand's legacy of individualistic eyewear.

Light brown tortoise/gold

Temple length: 140mm
Vertical height: 40mm
Horizontal width: 137mm

Size guide 

This frame fits a Medium size face (frame width 130-137mm)

Made in Italy


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