Emilio Pucci 6217 sunglasses

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Introducing the Vintage Emilio Pucci Model 6217 Brushed Silver Sunglasses

A Glimpse into Fashion History: Emilio Pucci and Hampel Collaboration

Founded in 1947 by the Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci, the eponymous brand quickly gained recognition for its distinctive and visionary designs. Emilio Pucci was renowned for his vibrant, abstract prints and bold use of color, making him a pioneering force in the fashion world. His creations were a blend of futuristic vision and timeless sophistication.

A Unique Collaboration: Hampel and Emilio Pucci

What makes these vintage sunglasses even more special is their collaboration with the German eyewear brand Hampel. The partnership between Emilio Pucci and Hampel resulted in exquisite eyeglass frames that bore the unmistakable stamp of Pucci's artistic genius. This particular model, the 6217, showcases the fusion of Italian elegance and German craftsmanship, creating a unique and fashionable eyewear piece.

With their futuristic and sophisticated design, these sunglasses were favored by Hollywood legends such as Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe. Jacqueline Kennedy, the epitome of 1960s elegance, also embraced Pucci's creations. These 1978 originals, in impeccable condition, are museum-worthy artifacts that encapsulate the essence of a bygone era.

These sunglasses aren't mere relics; they are a testament to timeless style, breaking free from the confines of retro fashion. This pair, featuring an eyeglasses frame from the German brand Hampel, designed by Emilio Pucci as engraved in model 6217, is the epitome of fanciness and uniqueness. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of fashion history that transcends the ages.

Gold / brown

Temple length: 135mm
Vertical height: 55mm
Horizontal width: 137mm

Made in Germany

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